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Is your company
on track?

How can you tell if you company is on track and if you are doing the right things to stear it where you want it to go?

The solution is ProMES or the Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System.
ProMES is a scientifically prepared and documented feedback-method, developed by nine research teams in seven countries, under expert guidance of professor Robert D. Pritchard, (one of the leading motivation researchers in the world).
ProMES is an approach to the measuring and improving of the productivity, effectiveness, and overall performance of people in organizations.

To do this, a sophisticated system of measuring performance is developed by the people doing the work and then feedback on these measures is used to help these personnel improve their performance. The approach has been shown to be highly effective at improving organizational performance while at the same time improving job satisfaction and reducing stress.

Now you can put this knowledge to practical use in your organization and through our ProMES based systems you get access to continuously professional feedback in the daily work. The key to motivation, learning and a constantly improving organization.

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